Daniel K. Hoh: Writer, Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Station 19 on ABC

Navigating Hollywood

22-03-2021 • 40 mins

Daniel K. Hoh, a writer from ABC’s Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Station 19, and his wife Deborah King discuss his writing career, what inspires him, and the joys and challenges of being married in Hollywood.

Dan and Deb first met at a rooftop restaurant in Santa Monica on a cool fall evening in 2010. She was a lawyer and he was an ER doctor. After getting married in 2013, Deb switched her career to corporate healthcare and made a job of telling doctors what to do-both at work and at home! Dan eventually made a switch too, from practicing medicine to TV writing. He now spends most of his days being a storyteller and writes for Station 19 on ABC, a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy.

When Dan decided to pursue a career in writing, his wife didn't run away. He says, "I commend her for believing in me and for not running away and saying, I married you as this one person with a certain promise of stability and security and now you want to go do the most unstable job. We’re in the most unstable industry ever."

Dan is thankful for his life experience and says it's essential for being a good writer. "Being creative means nothing if you don't actually have the life experience to draw from. A writer who hasn't gone through a lot of interesting or difficult situations is less likely to have good stories than somebody who's been through a lot."


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