Hustling, Hosteling & Gaming | Dharamveer Singh Chouhan @ Zostel

Founder Thesis

Aug 14 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

In what has been one of the most fun conversations we’ve had on Founder Thesis - we sit down for a chat with Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, Co-Founder & CEO of Zostel - the largest chain of backpacker hostels & experiential homes in Asia.

An explorer & nonconformist at heart, Dharamveer’s journey into entrepreneurship is an exciting story. Through his early career days he has single-mindedly chased his passions and interests. Case in point, his tryst with Poker, and making games!

However, unlike most other game developers, Dharamveer did not study computers!

But when your dreams are larger than life, and you are driven by passion, nothing is impossible. And Dharamveer went on to prove this by starting his own gaming studio & also working as a game designer at Zynga.

Dharamveer eventually pivoted and went on to IIM Calcutta to chase the shiny MBA. And inspired by his backpacking trip in Europe, Dharamveer spotted an opportunity to build a hospitality product that is true to India’s cultural diversity - Zostel.

7 years down the road, and Dharamveer is onto another dream!

In this episode we talk to Dharamveer to know more about, well, everything. Right from growing up in Rajasthan to his experiences at IIT & IIM, playing poker, the genesis and growth of Zostel, & his new venture - or should we say adventure!

Listen on!