Proximal Abandonment: The Modern Mental Health Dilemma.

Speak Plainly

Jul 17 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Do you have loving parents that you know did their best? Yet somehow you seem to be living with a bunch of signs of trauma?

Well if you suffer from all the signs of trauma but cant pin point exactly where its coming from... Chances are pretty good that there stemming from what is called

Proximal Abandonment.

Proximal abandonment -is what happens when a child has a care taker in the room, all or most of their physiological needs ie food water shelter - are taken care of, but the other fundamental needs of emotional connection belonging and attunement are not met.

This causes what I believe to be the single most common form of trauma in our modern world.

In today's podcast we cover:

7 signs of abandonment trauma.
9 compulsive behaviors stemming from self abandonment.

We dive into what beliefs are adopted in order to adapt to abandonment and how they affect us today.

If you show any of the signs covered in this episode or know anyone who does you or they may be suffering from one of what I call the invisible traumas. proximal abandonment.

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