E 92: Jerry Anderson - Surviving Inflection Points in CRE Brokerage

The Massimo Show

Feb 5 2024 • 32 mins

On this episode of the Massimo Show

Rod sits down with one of his mentors, Jerry Anderson, a veteran in the commercial real estate brokerage industry with over 50 years of experience. Jerry, currently a Corporate Advisor for eXp Commercial, has successfully run two international brokerage companies and is a pioneer in single point of contact and master franchise brokerage models.

Jerry has succeeded and thrived through at least four economic downturns, otherwise known as inflection points in brokerage, throughout his career, so Rod begins the podcast by asking him about the current state of the market and how it differs from previous downturns he’s experienced. At first glance, Jerry thought this downturn was similar to the 2008 financial crisis, but after watching some activity over the past few months, he said there are several differences, especially where things are heating up in the financial/lending industry, and “not in a good way.”

Jerry elaborates that the central dilemma for US brokers right now is that “Interest rate percentages have really been very, very low, in my opinion, for way too long. We have to reset all that. We have to get people accustomed to higher interest rates. If you own a property…at 3% or 4%, [we have to ask] why would you want to sell?... [and advise] All you're going to do is pay capital gains tax, move on, and have a higher interest rate.” Jerry also points out that interest rates used to be higher, he remembers he “was pretty happy when interest rates [used to be] 12% and I was making money as a broker at 12%.”

With Jerry’s lengthy expertise, Rod asks what advice he would give to brokers saying there’s no velocity in the current market and there’s “nothing I can do.” Jerry suggests that interest rates are relative, brokers have “had it pretty easy for the last 10 years… the habits they gave up, they're going to have to reinsert… You have to be an advisor in this marketplace more than ever before because people don't need you… you have to help them figure out what they do need.” “It's a beautiful time for you as a broker to make calls and say, let me share with you what's happening because we have our thumb on the heartbeat of the market.” Jerry continues to explain that brokers have to refocus, understand where the market is and its impacts, and share that knowledge and awareness with property owners and buyers to put them “in a position to be successful…”

Rod further emphasizes Jerry’s points by adding that The Massimo Group encourages our clients to be an authority in the market versus a commodity, an advisor versus a facilitator. “...This is not a time to take your foot off the pedal. This is the time to jam that pedal to the floor [with] more calls, more effort, more work if you want to just maintain a sliver of market share…”

Lastly, Rod enquires what Jerry feels are some of the greatest inflection points in brokerage history that have changed the way brokers work. Jerry recalled the Tax Reform Act of 1986, technology, particularly software and the internet, and the structure of brokerage companies.

Jerry briefly discusses his white paper The Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Industry Is Broken For Both Brokers and Associates. Rod postulates if he feels brokerage was broken back then and it still is today, how can we fix it? Jerry details the strengths and weaknesses of some prior brokerage models, from the small shop to national and international brokerage companies, franchises, and now virtual models. Jerry believes the current model that eXp is experimenting with is the closest to having it figured out.

Note: These highlights are designed to provide an overview of this episode’s content. Listeners are encouraged to tune in to the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered.

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