Episode 1: Splash

Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell

Apr 19 2022 • 1 hr 31 mins

Hello, and welcome to Acting Out, hosted by Ryan McQuade and Mitchell Beaupre!

In this podcast, we look at the careers of specific actors, taking a curated selection of their filmography and doing an episode per film to analyze why they remain an actor we love to discuss. We’ll chat about their biggest hits alongside some of their daring swings, and whether they worked or not.

In our first episode, we begin our Tom Hanks series by discussing his 1984 Ron Howard-directed mermaid feature, Splash. Commonly cited as Hanks’ breakout role, we talk about the film’s questionable plotting, the committed performances from Daryl Hannah and Eugene Levy, and how even early on Hanks had that special something that would signal the force of nature he would soon become.

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