Conversation with K.J. Holmes about Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, and the Meaning of Play


Apr 1 2023 • 41 mins

I am than thrilled to share this conversation with K.J. Holmes. In many ways K.J. was my main teacher of contact improvisation, mostly while I was living in the San Francisco/Bay area, many years ago. K.J. is one of the most important contemporary improvisational based dancers working today, and I deeply respect her approach and love to see her in performance. In this conversation we get into her approach to creating work, her pedagogical approach, and the many artist that inform and influence her work. It is a really enlightening conversation.

Here is a quick biography about K.J.:

K.J. Holmes, dance artist/performer/teacher has been exploring improvisation as process and performance since 1981, traveling nationally and internationally teaching, creating, directing. K.J. currently teaches at NYU/Experimental Theater Wing, Movement Research, the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, and her own private classes in Yoga, Somatics and Ayurveda. Recent projects include performing in the film Redoubt and the performance installation Catasterism in 3 Movements of artist Matthew Barney; choreographing and directing Somatopia on the Polish dance theater group Living Space Theater, and continuing to develop her solo + immersion 900 Bees are Humming.

I hope you find this conversation as delightful as I did. Enjoy.

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