#55. Warm Water, Cool Drink, and Caribbean Sun: The Joys of Trinidad’s Carnival with Fayola King Lawrence (founder of Come to the Islands)

The Playhard Podcast

May 12 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Are you dreaming of white sandy beaches and Caribbean getaways?

You will be soon.

This next guest runs a company that helps you escape the task of not being yourself and gives you a ticket to freedom through self-expression at Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival.

This holiday sounds sick. It’s like Mardi Gra but x1000.

We talk about being yourself, life in Trinidad, running a business that’s seasonal, and more!

Give it a listen!



* cometotheislands.co

* Insta: @cometotheislands

* linkedin.com/company/come-to-the-islands/

* Song mentioned - https://youtu.be/_pPO17NZYPo

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