The Key Factor #08 - Sperax


Mar 4 2023 • 34 mins

In this episode of The Key Factor, we'll be talking with one of our partners, Sperax. Sperax known as the issuer of USDs and plan to construct a full-stack DeFi ecosystem based on USDs. USDs holders benefit from native auto-yield, meaning that holders automatically earn yield without having to stake or claim. The yield is generated organically from the collateral deployed on external DeFi protocols. We'll be discussing their current stage of development, what's to come, and how Factor DAO plans to collaborate along the way.

Factor acts as the backbone of the DeFi hyperstructure, integrating various protocols, services, and users through secure, interoperable, and scalable liquidity management. As a middleware hub, Factor enables seamless transfer of assets and efficient liquidity management across the decentralized finance ecosystem.


Sperax Website:

Factor Website: