Unlocking Billion-Dollar Deals: Thinking Like A Real Estate Titan With Chris Larsen

Generations of Wealth

May 10 2024 • 39 mins

Calling all real estate rookies! Go beyond bricks and unleash the mindset for multi-billion-dollar real estate ventures in this episode. Chris Larsen joins Derek Dombeck to dive into his journey from medical device sales to commercial real estate investing. Find out about Chris' early passion for cycling and the pivotal moment that shifted his focus towards financial independence. With nearly 4,000 units closed in multifamily and various other investments, Chris offers valuable insights into the nuances of syndicating commercial real estate deals, emphasizing the importance of careful underwriting, leverage, and operational expertise. Tune in to explore different asset classes like apartments, self-storage, and car washes, and gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully navigate the world of commercial real estate investing.

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