Generations of Wealth

Derek Dombeck

Knowing the right investments to make, following sound financial advice, and eliminating unnecessaryexpenses are the ingredients of any successful wealth-building strategy. Do these things faithfully, andyou are assured of living a financially securelife. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could save moneynot just for yourself, but also for your children, and perhaps even your children’s children?Welcome to Generations of Wealth, the podcast delving into effective wealth-building strategies to helpyou live your vision and love your life. Each episode offers much-needed guidance in earning profits,boosting your revenue, and increasing your savings not just for yourself but for future generations.Join investor, national speaker, and internationalbest-selling author Derek Dombeck as he leads eachconversation with valuable advice, inspiring stories, and golden nuggets of wisdom. As the show’s host,he brings fun and lightheartedness to every episode, guiding you to build a profitable business withoutmessing up your personal vision or preferred lifestyle.Derek shares his years of expertise in the real estate market to level up your investing and lendingtactics. Having gone through hundreds of transactions as a purchaser and thousands of deals asa lender,he offers insights into creative deal structuring, wholesaling, flipping, and landlording–everything to putyour money to work. You can expect only the best investment techniques from Derek to navigate thecurrent market smoothly, especially when rates are fluctuating or unpredictable.Aside from investing and lending techniques, Derek also provides the motivation and encouragementyou need to take action and do the necessary work to build lasting wealth for generations. He brings thementorshipapproach from his national mastermind group, REI Circle of Trust, to the podcast. Get readyto be inspired by his stories and learn from his extensive career to steer your money-making strategies inthe right direction.Most importantly, Derek openly shares his failures and disappointments to ensure you avoid repeatingthe same mistakes he made. Hear him discuss the hurdles and pitfalls he overcame to reach his currentposition as a passionate teacher and mentor to those chasing the same dream. This is your chance tocreate the ideal financial roadmap tailored to your goals and vision, while considering the challenges youmust navigate along the way.Of course, this podcast isn't just about making money. In a broader sense, it's about building a trulycomfortable life. Therefore, Derek doesn't only sit down with financial experts, accountants, andadvisors. He also speaks with professionals from various industries to discuss personal development,career advancement, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, spirituality, and much more. If there's atopic that directly impacts your wealth-building journey, Derek is ready to dive into it with his guests.When it comes to saving money, it's crucial to go all out and give it your all. After all, you and your futuregenerations will reap the benefits. If you aim to build wealth beyond your immediate needs, it willrequire more dedicated strategies, a refined roadmap, and a highly motivated mindset. That’s what youget from Derek and his incredible guests. This podcastempowers you to move beyond your day job,explore investing, and try lending. Because when it comes to your wealth, the only direction is up.Make that financially secure future a reality. Live the life you truly deserve without breaking the bank–instead, make it fuller than ever!Listen to Generations of Wealth at

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