140. Tomasz Kozlowski, VP Global Sales at Softserve Business Systems: Mythbusting FMCG Digital Transformation

The FMCG Guys

Mar 6 2024 • 1 hr

Does Digital Transformation have to be hard? Is there a way to dodge some of the common headaches and understand the reality versus the myths?

Watch on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKP3JMn8nzU&t=2057s

Meet Tomasz Kozlowski, the VP of Global Sales at SoftServe Business Systems. He’s not just any expert; he’s a mythbuster who’s spent the last 15 years helping FMCG companies find clarity in the complicated world of tech. In this episode, co-hosted by Daniel and The CPG Guys' Peter VS Bond we review the most common digital transformation myths, such as:

  • Digital Transformation is all about Technology
  • It will solve all my sales problems
  • It's only for the Modern Trade Channel
  • Only large corporations can drive this change
  • Immediate ROI is guaranteed
  • We are tech advanced because we have a lot of systems
  • Data is the basis for Digital Transformation
  • ChatGPT will help you solve serious problems

Are you ready?