34. Successful on Paper, Burned Out in Reality with Carson Beier

The Richest Real Estate Agent Podcast

Feb 8 2022 • 52 mins

Wealth and success mean more than a big check. On this episode of the Richest Real Estate Agent Podcast with Ben Oosterveld, Carson Beier talks about how he had the most successful year of his career so far all while prioritizing his family, health, and happiness.

Carson Beier is one of the top agents in Edmonton with sales experience of successfully negotiating 1200+ transactions in the last 14 years. He founded EXIT Realty Solutions and after 10 successful years with EXIT, he merged his brokerage with Royal LePage.

Carson is committed to informing his clients about the real estate market using innovative ideas and new technology.  He’s also committed to continuing the tradition of Maintaining TOP 5% in MLS® Sales of all Edmonton & Area REALTORS® as well as achieving both the Red Diamond Award for 2017-2020 & the Chairman’s Club Award from 2017 – 2019

In this episode we cover

[01:37 - 09:05] Burning Out on the Way to Your Goals

[09:06 - 14:47] From Owning a Gas Station to Selling 144 Homes a Year

[14:48 - 23:39] The 1 Thing Carson Did to Cure Burnout

[23:40 - 36:01] The Real Estate Industry

[36:02 - 00:00] On Relationships: How to Make a Million Dollars and Still Be Married

[45:42 - 52:29] Carson’s Definition of ‘Richest Real Estate Agent’

Connect with Carson here:

Website: https://www.soldoncarson.com

Royal LePage: https://www.royallepage.ca/en/







Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn and visit https://benoosterveld.com

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