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Ben Oosterveld

Interviewing the top influencers and leaders in the real estate and mindset space. This podcast explores the emotional intelligence and marketing needed to be a top agent year after year while managing the pressures of success on their lifestyle, family, and mental health. The real estate industry is obsessed with the “next sale”, but rarely talks about what to do when the next sale is NOT the biggest problem anymore. This podcast helps agents get clear on what they want, how to get out of their own ways and shift from being a high-service grinder to an energized, self-aware business owner. read less


37. Profits, Taxes, and Money Talk For Agents with Cherry Chan
Feb 16 2022
37. Profits, Taxes, and Money Talk For Agents with Cherry Chan
Is your business profitable and set up to succeed long-term? Or are you dreading the day that taxes are due? In this episode of the Richest Real Estate Agent Podcast, Cherry Chan shares her expertise on the industry as a former agent and now real estate tax expert. She shares insights on how to set up your business to be profitable and how to take care of your taxes on auto-pilot. Cherry is an entrepreneur, an author, a blogger, a mom of two young kids. Her accounting practice specializes in helping Real Estate Investors reach their investment goals. Cherry started her real estate investment journey over 10 years ago. She started by buying one student rental in her own name then became two more in the same year. Now she co-owns multiple properties with her husband. Cherry graduated with the Honour Roll on the Chartered Accountant Uniform Final Exam, top 10 in Ontario and top 50 in all of Canada. She was named “Top 50 Women in Accounting” globally in 2018. She has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Investors and has met over a thousand of them. Cherry is in high demand as a public speaker for her tax knowledge. Through her blog, she has been inspiring others to take charge of their lives, make changes and take action. Cherry is also a Best-Selling Author on Amazon for her book called “Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Investing". She can be reached via her website at Connect with Carson here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube:  Are you ready to scale your real estate business so you can finally have the freedom you want? Learn how to make your real estate business work for you: Connect with Ben Instagram: Facebook Group: Website: If you enjoyed this episode please share and review! It really helps us out. You can listen to more episodes at or wherever you find your podcasts.
34.  Successful on Paper, Burned Out in Reality with Carson Beier
Feb 8 2022
34. Successful on Paper, Burned Out in Reality with Carson Beier
Wealth and success mean more than a big check. On this episode of the Richest Real Estate Agent Podcast with Ben Oosterveld, Carson Beier talks about how he had the most successful year of his career so far all while prioritizing his family, health, and happiness.   Carson Beier is one of the top agents in Edmonton with sales experience of successfully negotiating 1200+ transactions in the last 14 years. He founded EXIT Realty Solutions and after 10 successful years with EXIT, he merged his brokerage with Royal LePage.     Carson is committed to informing his clients about the real estate market using innovative ideas and new technology.  He’s also committed to continuing the tradition of Maintaining TOP 5% in MLS® Sales of all Edmonton & Area REALTORS® as well as achieving both the Red Diamond Award for 2017-2020 & the Chairman’s Club Award from 2017 – 2019 In this episode we cover   [01:37 - 09:05] Burning Out on the Way to Your Goals  [09:06 - 14:47] From Owning a Gas Station to Selling 144 Homes a Year  [14:48 - 23:39] The 1 Thing Carson Did to Cure Burnout [23:40 - 36:01] The Real Estate Industry  [36:02 - 00:00] On Relationships: How to Make a Million Dollars and Still Be Married  [45:42 - 52:29] Carson’s Definition of ‘Richest Real Estate Agent’ Connect with Carson here:   Website:  Royal LePage:  LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter Pinterest Resources Mentioned:  Tired of being a prisoner of your business? Learn how to make your real estate business work for you and sign up:  Book: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman  Connect with Ben on LinkedIn and visit  LEAVE a REVIEW and SHARE this episode! It really helps the show. Listen to previous episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or where ever you get your podcasts.