Personal Leadership in Crisis: Lessons from Nanco Vrijland [English]

Meeting Strategist - Conversations on Leadership & Communication

Apr 30 2020 • 17 mins

How do you keep making your own choices and following your own path when external forces are pulling you in all directions?

My guest on this episode is no one less than my wife, Marlies Zegelaar.

Let me explain this. A few weeks back, I released my first-ever episode in my native language Dutch. My guest on that episode was Nanco Vrijland, an executive coach and the founder of Coachcenter in The Hague - the coaching school where I received my training as a professional coach.

In our conversation, Nanco shared many powerful lessons on how to deal with uncertainty and live a more examined life, which I also wanted to make available to my international audience. My first thought was to record a solo episode but then I found a more dynamic way … a conversation about a conversation. In this short episode, Marlies and I discuss Nanco's lessons about personal leadership and reflect on how it relates to us.

I created this recap episode to give international listeners a taste of what I discussed with Nanco. The original episode ran about 45 minutes and obviously contained much more information. To make up for this, I will include several tools and resources in the show notes. This is also where you can find links to learn more about Nanco and his work: