How to Become More Conversationally Intelligent, with Bob Pointer - MS010

Meeting Strategist - Conversations on Leadership & Communication

Jul 10 2019 • 58 mins

My guest on this episode is Bob Pointer. After his retirement as a detective at the City of London Police, Bob specialized in helping professionals increase their conversational intelligence and transform their relationships utilizing science-based techniques.

On this episode, Bob breaks down the rules of effective communication and how leaders and other professionals can apply them in their conversations. We also talk about the role of power in creating a productive conversational climate, how human relationships are built and why trust is the center of everything.

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Here are some of the episode’s highlights with timestamps:

  • 3:07 – The art of not asking questions

  • 20:22 – I, Us and We conversations

  • 30:58 – Why sales people should stop selling

  • 39:53 – Winston Churchill and the contextuality of productive power

  • 44:04 – The pseudo-science of body language experts on the internet

  • 53:24 – Why leaders have to be mindful about their conversations

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