How to Close the Power Gap in Meetings, with Marcel van de Hoef - MS008

Meeting Strategist - Conversations on Leadership & Communication

Jun 12 2019 • 54 mins

In the second series of the Meeting Strategist podcast, I will explore a topic that most leaders dread talking about: power in meetings and conversations.

In the coming episodes, I will talk with leaders from the investment and business world as well as communication experts, coaches and other extraordinary professionals about their experiences with power. The central question: how can leaders use their power more productively, starting with their everyday interactions and meetings?

Recently, workshop facilitator Myriam Hadnes invited me onto her podcast ‘Workshops Work’. We talked about how I became interested in power, how power differences impede our conversations and what leaders can do to close the gap. I’m pleased to share this conversation to kick off my new series about power.

All credit goes to Myriam for initiating the interview, asking great questions and allowing me to share the recording on this show. If you want to learn more about Myriam’s podcast and her work, please go to the full show notes with relevant links at

Here are some of the episode’s highlights with timestamps:

  • 5:09 – How I met power theorist Mauk Mulder and what I learned from him

  • 15:12 – It’s not just hierarchy: introducing different power relationships

  • 27:43 – Using Dale Carnegie’s human relations principles to handle power more effectively

  • 32:37 – Putting a wall in between: reflecting on my ‘leadership style’ as an editor-in-chief about 15 years ago

  • 42:04 – How to balance brainstorming and decision-making, so meetings finish on time and people still feel heard

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