Mastering The Sales Conversation with Dr. Nadia Brown

The New Revenue Show

Jan 31 2022 • 43 mins

How do you feel about having sales conversations?

Many business owners start out hating sales and having to do sales conversations.  But the reality is that sales is the fuel to your business.  It took me a few years to fall in love with sales.  Now that we have our process in place for vetting prospects I look forward to having sales conversations.

When you don’t perfect the art of sales you get to a point where you have to make the dreaded decision of either moving forward with the business or going back to work.  In the end, if your business is not profitable and you are not paying yourself… you have an expensive hobby.

Our guest today Dr. Nadia Brown had to make this decision on whether she was going back to a corporate or fall in love with sales.  It’s amazing to hear her story about shifting her business from a leadership institute to a full-service sales agency.

So get ready to hear how you can shift your mindset and fall in love with sales.

Our Guest Details:

Dr. Nadia Brown, CEO of The Doyenne Agency.

Follow her journey at