Art Business and Burnout with Anna Przy

Cowgirl Artists of America

Jul 21 2023 • 54 mins

In today's Episode we talk with Anna Przybylski who coined the phrase, "it's called manifesting look it up." Anna has such a unique and fun way of encouraging the world, and it's clear by her followers and the response that her message is something we all need.

Originally we wanted to talk to Anna about "manifesting" creativity, but this conversation naturally took another direction. We discuss a lot, from how she got started, to self-kindness, and burnout. While burnout isn't a fun topic it is oh so important. As art business owners, trying to run a business and wear many hats, the work can get exhausting and overwhelming. We think this is a timely episode, especially as we continue to hear that artists are in a very busy season and struggling to keep up. We hope you enjoy today's episode with Anna. Make sure to follower her at: