Echoes of Madness

Something Scary

May 14 2024 • 29 mins

Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is real danger or if it’s your imagination playing tricks on you. It can be easy to mistake your own paranoia for the danger that is truly lurking around you. Those scary thoughts could feel like spirits trying to mess with your head. You'll need to be strong enough to fight off those demons while at the same time, doing battle with the inner ones we all deal with. First, a digital devil  Followed by a dead man walking  Finally in our featured story, the voice of evil  Thank you to this episode's sponsor! • FUM: Head to to get a free gift with your order today. Subscribe: Watch the latest: Follow us EVERYWHERE: Follow Steffany: TikTok: YouTube: Instagram: Follow Blair: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: About SNARLED: Your home for scary stories, from urban legends to true tales of murder, mystery and the unknown. If you have Something Scary to tell us, send it to More about the show! • Go to to check out the awesome Something Scary Merch. We’ve got something for everyone, from hoodies to hats to writer’s notebooks. • Do you want to connect with other people who love horror and all things Something Scary? Join our Patreon and you get members only access to our Discord. And you can chat with all the other horror lovers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit