Karben4 and Awildan Distilling Part 2

The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour

Dec 7 2023 • 51 mins

The Karben4 guys are joined by Jeff Olson, founder of Awilden Distilling in Sun Prairie, WI. Jeff was the first production employee hired at K4 and has been there ever since.

We hear about Jeff getting Awildan up and going and how he went from brewing beer to distilling spirits.  You can almost feel the joy from Joe when discussing the stability of spirits shelf life.

There's a perception that distillers are slobs, but don't worry, Jeff works in brewing too. He's clean!

Jeff plays the bagpipes (but not jazz bagpipes) which probably is what makes his beers and whiskey taste so good.

Tune in to part 2 of 3 with Jeff Olson!

Head to the Karben4 taproom and Awildan tasting room to say hi.

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