The Power of Breaking Your Word with Robin Quinn Keehn

The Liberated Life - Set Yourself Free in Business and Pleasure

Dec 18 2021 • 25 mins

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About Robin:

Robin is the founder of The Quitting Culture and Raising Quit-Proof Kids. She helps entrepreneurs & business owners get clear on their purpose,  develop the mindset of finishing strong,  and take intentional action to reach their most personal goals. She teaches parents how to raise confident, capable kids who grow up to become masters of their own lives.

A former music & dance studio owner, mom to 4 kids, and business coach, Robin understands the massive impact unintentional quitting - both for children and adults - has on confidence and self-esteem.

Using her unique blend of intuition, wisdom & experience, and her visionary approach, Robin loves to help her clients achieve their goals and live with greater impact, freedom, and joy.

Show Notes:

This episode is Robin's personal process for identifying and accountably ending outdated commitments, promises & agreements self and with others.

  1. When we break an agreement with ourselves we can either judge it or accept it and release it.
  2. When we need to clean something up with someone else, we need to be prepared with specific steps.
  3. With others, ask to renegotiate & ask for what you want.
  4. Commit to creating a 'win-win' or nothing at all.

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