46: The Holiday Trigger Tree

Love in the Mirror Podcast with Shannon Bodie (Arnett) NBC-HWC

15-11-2021 • 33 mins

What do the holidays bring up for you? We can have a whole range of reactions and responses to holiday expectations, societal pressure, and family agreements around holiday celebrations. This episode acknowledges the breeding ground that the holiday season may be in different ways without judgement, and offers some strategies for a different type of holiday tree...the trigger tree!
When you encounter stress, grief, loss, anger, or anything else around which you may need support to enter holiday time with more compassion for yourself and others, this episode is for you.  How can we embrace what's coming and give ourselves a little grace this season when things don't go as we hoped?  How can we meet others with some boundaries or permission when they're not their best and we wish something was different?  Tune in for some ideas!

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