#351 I should be further along by now

The Nope Coach

Apr 14 2024 • 9 mins

Reflecting on Progress: Are You Further Along Than You Think?

In this episode Suzanne explores the common feeling of not being where one thinks they should be in life. She encourages listeners to reflect on their personal progress and challenges over the past years, offering a checklist of life events that might have impacted their journey.

The episode emphasizes the importance of recognizing both the struggles and achievements in life, encouraging a perspective that values growth and resilience.

Suzanne uses personal anecdotes and metaphors to illustrate how individuals can be both masterpieces and works in progress simultaneously. Life is an adventure to be embraced, and recognising the breadth of one's experiences can lead to a more fulfilling and appreciative outlook.

In this episode Suzanne talks about:

  • Inspiration from Marketing for Hippies
  • The Self-Reflection Checklist: Navigating Life's Challenges
  • Personal Reflections and Realisations
  • Embracing Life as an Adventure and a Work in Progress
  • The Power of Now: Making the Most of Every Moment

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