#367 Can You Find Joy Beyond Your Goals?

The Nope Coach

May 7 2024 • 14 mins

Suzanne addresses the mindset of 'when I get there' that often hinders people from enjoying their present achievements and moments of joy.

She shares personal anecdotes about family life, including her daughter transitioning to high school, and experimenting with YouTube Live sessions.

Suzanne emphasizes the importance of celebrating personal successes, regardless of scale, and encourages listeners to pursue happiness in the now rather than delaying it for future milestones and breaking free from restrictive success metrics.

In this episode Suzanne talks about:

  • Life Updates and the Tween Phase
  • Diving into YouTube Lives
  • Overcoming 'When I Get There' Thinking
  • Embracing the Little Joys of Life
  • The Power of Enjoying What You Have
  • Invitation to the Next YouTube Live, topic - Don't Feed the Trolls: How to Handle Online Haters and Critics

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