#362 Could you do 7 days with no phone? with Anna Hastie

The Nope Coach

Apr 25 2024 • 17 mins

Navigating Silence: A Journey Through a Bali Silent Retreat.

Suzanne and Anna discuss her unique experience of attending a silent retreat in Bali.

Anna chose to disconnect entirely from her usual life, including her phone and any form of technology, which the retreat strictly limits to designated areas.

Anna discusses the challenges and revelations of living in silence, including the physical separation from her phone, the adjustments to a technology-free life, and the structured yet flexible nature of the retreat that allowed personal time for reflection, meditation, and enjoying the presence of the moment.

The episode highlights the importance of taking time for oneself and provides insights into how a silent retreat can offer a transformative experience for busy individuals looking for a break from the daily hustle and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves.

In this episode Suzanne and Anna talk about:

Anna's Silent Retreat Experience

  • Challenges of Disconnecting from Technology
  • Life Without a Phone
  • Embracing Solitude and Self-Reflection
  • Importance of Self-Care and Me Time

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