#370 Sun Safety and Health Prioritisation: My Skin Cancer Experience

The Nope Coach

May 21 2024 • 12 mins

Suzanne shares her recent experience with basal cell carcinoma removal and emphasises the importance of sun safety and prioritising personal health.

Suzanne discusses the tendency to procrastinate on health concerns due to busy schedules and the fear of what minor symptoms might indicate. She stresses the significance of acting upon health concerns promptly to avoid serious consequences and advocates for self-prioritisation in healthcare.

Suzanne also touches on seeking supportive medical care, valuing individual attention over being treated as a number, and the broader lesson of being assertive in life to create the experiences and interactions we desire.

In this episode Suzanne talks about:

  • A Candid Chat on Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Awareness
  • The Importance of Prioritising Your Health
  • Encouragement to Take Action on Your Health
  • Seeking Support and the Value of Feeling Heard
  • The Power of Individual Attention and Advocacy

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