#361 How many bubbles do you need for a sound bath? with Anna Hastie

The Nope Coach

Apr 24 2024 • 16 mins

Demystifying Sound Baths: A Healing Journey with Anna Hasty.

Suzanne delves into the world of sound baths with guest Anna Hasty. The discussion kicks off with amusing anecdotes highlighting misunderstandings about sound baths, segueing into a comprehensive exploration of what sound baths entail and their benefits.

Anna, an expert in sound healing, specifically with alchemy crystal singing bowls, explains the science behind how sound waves can entrain brainwave states to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and aid in physical healing.

She dispels myths about needing a physical bath for a sound bath and mentions the adaptability of sound baths for online sessions, ensuring a broad accessibility irrespective of location.

The podcast not only clarifies the concept of sound baths but also touches on the practical aspects of participating online and the unique advantages of personalised sessions, encouraging listeners to explore sound healing as a tool for well-being.

In this episode Suzanne and Anna talk about:

  • Understanding Sound Baths
  • Varieties of Sound Healing
  • The Science and Benefits of Sound Healing
  • Online Sound Baths
  • Benefits of Sound Healing

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