Emotionally Connecting with Your Buyers with Richard Rivera

Revenue Builders

Apr 28 2024 • 6 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, John McMahon and John Kaplan dive into the crucial aspect of emotionally connecting with buyers. Joined by veteran sales leader and author Richard Rivera, they explore the science behind buyer decision-making and the importance of understanding the emotional journey buyers go through. Rivera introduces the concept of the buyer decision path, emphasizing the need to disarm the survival instincts of buyers before engaging their thrive state and intellectual brain. Through insightful discussions and practical examples, listeners gain valuable insights into reshaping their sales approach to prioritize emotional connection and drive successful outcomes.


[00:00:26] Understanding the science behind emotionally connecting with buyers is crucial for sales success.
[00:01:36] The buyer decision path consists of survival, thrive, and think stages, reflecting the evolution of the human brain
[00:04:05] Disarming the survival brain by addressing the buyer's problems is essential to establishing emotional connection
[00:06:20] Prioritizing emotional connection before intellectual engagement is key to effective sales strategies.


[00:02:40] "The natural human response is to push back and protect itself... When anyone or anything presents a threat or even a new opportunity to us, it comes across as a threat and they have to protect themselves against it."
[00:04:52] "Here's the problems that I saw for help me understand how you might relate to any of these. And it frames up the discussion in a very disarming way."
[00:06:01] "Before this buyer is going to spend energy and invest in really understanding the intellectual parts of my value proposition, I've got to disarm their survival brain by attaching to the problems they care about."

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