Do Your Teams Know the Strategy? with Chuck Bamford

Revenue Builders

Apr 14 2024 • 7 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Chuck Bamford, renowned author and business strategist. Dr. Bamford sheds light on the critical issue of aligning corporate strategy throughout an organization, from top-level executives to frontline employees. Drawing from his extensive experience, he highlights the common pitfalls and challenges companies face in achieving this alignment and offers insightful strategies for overcoming them.


[00:00:24] Alignment breakdown: Many employees, especially those closest to customers, often fail to see the relevance of corporate strategy to their daily tasks, leading to a disconnect between organizational goals and individual actions.
[00:01:39] Annual strategy setting: Corporate strategies are often formulated as a one-time event, lacking consistent follow-up, measurement, and adaptation throughout the year.
[00:02:23] Activity alignment: Bridging the gap between high-level key performance indicators (KPIs) and frontline activities is essential for ensuring organizational alignment and success.
[00:03:29] Misaligned incentives: Compensation structures and performance metrics for employees often do not align with the overarching corporate strategy, resulting in disengagement and inefficiencies.
[00:05:13] Alignment is key: Success in organizational strategy hinges on effectively communicating and aligning goals at all levels, ensuring that both strategic objectives and individual incentives are harmonized.


[00:02:45] "Everything that leadership does is a hypothesis... they don't want to address what the activities are or convert it to activity metrics."
[00:03:52] "I was so disconnected from those other levels... my measurements and compensation were completely misaligned with whatever the corporate strategy was."
[00:05:38] "The compensation needs to be based on the activities that you want those employees to do."
[00:07:00] "They're doing things that are destructive to the strategy... because they have to hit their KPI or they're out."

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