Avoiding Burnout with Marcy Stoudt

Revenue Builders

Mar 17 2024 • 8 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, we talk burnout with Marcy Stoudt CEO and co-founder of Revel Coach. Marcy helps leaders avoid burnout, become their best selves without sacrificing success in either area. In this segment she covers a few tips to avoiding burnout.


[00:00:27] Burnout affects individuals beyond just moms, particularly leaders who lose perspective and struggle to lead effectively when overwhelmed.
[00:01:45] Your attitude towards upcoming challenges greatly influences burnout; maintaining a positive mindset is key.
[00:02:25] Adopt a daily practice of living "above the line," clarifying your vision and taking action aligned with your desired self.
[00:04:36] Recognize and address negative events and emotions that contribute to burnout, working to stay "above the line."
[00:05:55] Clear clutter from your schedule, aligning commitments with your vision of success and avoiding unnecessary tasks.

[00:01:03] "There's a fine line between working too hard and being addicted... It's real and you can't generically say how to prevent it."
[00:02:47] "Living above the line... You're defining who you want to be more often."
[00:05:19] "Clearing clutter from her calendar is really important and just doing it to align to her vision of success with no comparison."
[00:07:34] "Being honest with yourself about the addiction... my inability to extricate myself... became a self-fulfilling prophecy."

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