When You Should Focus on PLG with Alex Bilmes

Revenue Builders

May 5 2024 • 13 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, John McMahon and John Kaplan dive into when to focus on product-led growth. John McMahon and John Kaplan discuss product-led growth (PLG) with Alex Bilmes, the founder and CEO of Endgame. They explore the types of products that are well-suited for PLG and those that may not be a good fit. Alex explains that products that are easy to use, provide immediate value to the user, have a short time to value, and have a low price are ideal for PLG. However, more transformative products that require organizational change and have larger deal sizes may require a sales process to facilitate adoption. Alex also shares insights on how to determine if PLG is a good fit for a product and the questions to ask before implementing a PLG strategy.


  • Transformative products that require organizational change and have larger deal sizes may not be a good fit for PLG.
  • When considering PLG, it is important to assess the product's interface with different disciplines and other products, as well as its impact on user behavior.
  • Endgame focuses on the sales side of PLG and helps companies integrate sales efforts with product data to accelerate revenue growth.
  • Understanding the ideal customer profile (ICP) from a product-led perspective and using data to create behavioral-based ICPs are crucial for successful PLG implementation.


  • "Humans are tricky. Anything that requires interfacing with humans or interacting with people always adds a layer of complexity." - Alex Bilmes
  • "If you don't know what harbor you're sailing for, no winds will get you there." - Alex Bilmes
  • "A product-led sales orientation lets you validate what the company is doing using empirical data, meaning you can tell how people are already using your product." - Alex Bilmes

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