Swiping Sober: Navigating Love on Queer Dating Apps

gAy A: The Queer Sober Hero Show

Feb 15 2024 • 33 mins

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This week Sober Steve, the Podcast Guy, dives into the world of dating apps for sober people in the queer community, and experiences across the different platforms and stages of our addiction and recovery.

As I approach a monumental sobriety milestone, gratitude practices deepen my connections beyond the sober community with heartwarming responses from friends. Then, things get even more personal as I bring my husband on to share our experience meeting on not one but two apps and how that has evolved into our marriage today.

Guest Gabriel, Danielle, and Mark share insights from their experiences on Facebook Messenger, Grindr, Tinder, Her, and more, emphasizing honesty and positive feedback on sobriety disclosure. We discuss the importance of personal boundaries and self-awareness in sober dating, stressing honesty for genuine connections and balancing relationships with spiritual well-being.

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