gAy A: The Queer Sober Hero Show

Steve Bennet-Martin

gAy A delivers inspiring stories about queer people in sobriety who are achieving amazing feats in their recovery, proving that we are all LGBTQIA+ sober heroes.

If you are looking for a safe space where all queer people, no matter their gender, sexual  orientation, age, length of sober time, or method of recovery are valid, this is the sober show for you. If you are sober, you are a hero!

This show is not affiliated with any program or institution, so you will hear stories from alcoholics and addicts where people mention getting sober using recovery methods such as rehabilitation, both inpatient and outpatient rehabs, sober living, hospitals, and some of us who got sober at home on our own. Guests may mention twelve step programs like AA, CMA, SMART Recovery, or other methods, while accepting that no one answer is perfect for everyone.

This podcast will provide valuable insights for any interested in learning more about queer recovery, from those of us with years or even decades of recovery under their belt, to people just beginning their sobriety journey, to even the sober curious or friends and family of alcoholics and addicts.

Each week, host Sober Steve the Podcast Guy tries to answer the following questions in various formats and with different perspectives:

·       How do I get and stay sober in the queer community?

·       Can you have fun while being sober and gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or queer?

·       What does a sober life as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community look like?

·       Where do sober gay and queer people hang out?

·       How can I have good sex sober?

·       What are tips and tricks for early sobriety?

·       How can I get unstuck or out of this rut in my recovery?

·       How will my life change if I get sober?

·       Can you be queer and sober and happy?

·       How can I untangle sex and alcohol and drugs?

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Working with Your Partner Sober ft. Joey B (#189)
Apr 25 2024
Working with Your Partner Sober ft. Joey B (#189)
Sober Steve is joined by Joey Bachrach from Rainbow Hill Recovery to peel back the curtain and discuss what it’s like working in recovery with his husband, Andrew Fox. **Episode Highlights Include**- **The Role of Community in Recovery:** Insights from my visit to Rainbow Hill Recovery and how my sober community helped me get through my insecurities in Los Angeles. 🤲- **Building Professional Fulfillment:** Joey discusses the growth and success of Rainbow Hill now being DHCS certified and their dedication to making recovery accessible to EVERYONE. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️- **Joey’s Sober Heroes:** Honoring individuals like Manny Rodriguez, whose authenticity helped pave the way for Joey and others in the recovery community. 🦸‍♂️- **Navigating Relationships At Work and At Home:** Exploring the delicate dynamics of relationships after addiction, emphasizing routine, communication, and mutual growth.🏣🏡- **And Much More! ** **Where to Find Us:**- Rainbow Hill Recovery 🏣 - Rainbow Hill Sober Living 🏡- Totally Sober 🔴- Joey’s IG 🟢- gAy A on IG 🟢- gAy A everywhere else 🖇️Tell a friend to listen today!! Until next time, stay sober!Listeners, I NEED YOUR HELP! This podcast is growing rapidly, and I want to make sure we can all grow together, so take this survey and let me know what I'm doing right and where I should focus my attentions going forward to provide the best podcast for YOU possible! CLICK HERE!Support the Show.
Skating, Self Love, ADHD, and Making Music in Sobriety ft. Chad and J9
Mar 21 2024
Skating, Self Love, ADHD, and Making Music in Sobriety ft. Chad and J9
Hey there, Super Soberheroes! Today we have two stories that both touch on unique experiences, but share receiving an ADHD diagnosis in sobriety.We're joined by Chad C from Vancouver, who shares his 23-year journey through sobriety, competitive figure skating, and the unexpected challenges life throws our way. His story, filled with gratitude for life's gifts including marriage and travel, offers a raw and inspiring look at overcoming obstacles and the importance of supportive networks.The conversation takes a deeper look at the intersection of recovery and maintaining physical fitness, an often-overlooked aspect of the sober life. Through my own struggles and triumphs, we address the complexities of eating disorders, particularly in the high-pressure world of competitive sports, and how these experiences shape our paths toward healthy living. We also touch on the intricacies of recovery, which demand more than just exercise and nutrition, reminding us that self-compassion and accountability are crucial for sustained sobriety. Moreover, the episode underscores the broader impact of personal recovery on relationships and responsibilities, urging us to stay alert to the dangers of an all-or-nothing approach in our ongoing quest for growth.Wrapping up, we celebrate the milestones of our guest J9, who shares the latest twists in their life's journey, including a fresh single, Pleasure and Pain, amidst the backdrop of sobriety and an ADHD diagnosis. Unpacking the nuances of emotional regulation and daily management of ADHD, we offer insights and strategies that resonate with many who navigate similar challenges. Thanks for listening!Find Chad Online: Chad Conley on Facebook at and Instagram @chad_c78 Find J9's New Song, Pleasure and Pain Streaming: J9 on all the socials @J9grooves Support the Show.
Sober Apps: Navigating Sobriety in 2024
Feb 8 2024
Sober Apps: Navigating Sobriety in 2024
Hey there, super soberheroes! Today's episode is all about exploring the world of sober apps in 2024.In this episode, you will be able to:Discover the best sober apps for tracking and motivation to supercharge your recovery journey.Connect with a supportive sober community and access online resources for continuous motivation and encouragement.Explore apps that prioritize queer and sober inclusion, fostering a safe and empowering environment for everyone.Dive into literature-driven apps for recovery resources, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.Access online platforms offering many sobriety resources, making it easier to find the support and guidance you need.Explore inclusive apps for sobrietyInclusivity within sobriety applications is highly commendable, as they cater to diverse audiences such as the queer and sober community. These inclusive platforms understand unique struggles and offer tailored resources, advice, and support. By reaching out to individuals from all walks of life, they foster a sense of belonging, significantly enhancing recovery.The resources mentioned in this episode are:Email Steve at to share your inspiring stories or motivating tales about good experiences with sober dating on apps.Follow Steve on social media @Gayapodcast to stay updated and get involved with the show.Check out the Patreon page for more exclusive content, including full interview clips and behind-the-scenes access.Find the "Everyday AA" and "Big Book Companion" apps in the Apple store for a resourceful tool to track sobriety milestones, access the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and read daily reflections.Explore the "All Sober" app for a warm, safe space to connect with resources and a supportive community for Better Sobriety.Guests Featured Include:Danielle @dc_and_roseyMark @heymarko8Shane @rhythmcafeheflinCori @_coritee4_Submit your experiences on Sober Dating apps for the chance to be featured next week. Email them to or message me on all the socials @gayapodcast to talk more!Support the Show.
Out of the Podcast Booth & Into the Spotlight: Taking My Sober Message Live
Feb 1 2024
Out of the Podcast Booth & Into the Spotlight: Taking My Sober Message Live
Discover the unexpected journey of a queer podcaster's transformative experiences in sobriety, leading to the launch of a groundbreaking 2.0 version of their podcast. This emotional narrative takes you through the highs and lows of Steve's personal growth, as he unveils the concept of "sober superheroes." Stay tuned for the open loop of how this journey will empower and inspire the LGBTQ+ community.In this episode, you will be able to:Reflecting on Queer Sobriety: Discovering profound insights and inspiration for your own journey.Embracing Transformative Sobriety: Unveiling life-altering experiences and growth through sobriety.Open-Mindedness in Sobriety: Embracing new experiences and perspectives for personal transformation.Milestones in Sobriety: Celebrating achievements and the power of Patreon support in your journey.Give Sober App Recommendations: Unlocking the potential of sobriety with the latest app and technology insights is next week's topic, so get involved today!Reach out today however you'd like resources mentioned in this episode are:Join the Patreon community at to access exclusive bonus episodes and support the podcast with a small donation.Wish Danielle a happy four years on Instagram @dc_and_rosey and show support for her inspiring journey.Stay tuned for the relaunch of the Sober Superhero Show on Thursday, February 22, and subscribe or follow on all platforms to catch the new episodes.Share your favorite sober technology and apps for a chance to be featured in the upcoming episode about sober technology.Follow the podcast on all platforms to access 175 episodes of content from amazing queer and sober individuals, and get ready for the new content coming soon.Support the Show.