Grief & ADHD Sober ft. Andy (#188)

gAy A: The Queer Sober Hero Show

Apr 17 2024 • 33 mins

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In this episode, Sober Steve chats with our special guest, Andy, who bravely opens up about his journey to sobriety through grief and ADHD. Andy shares his struggles with alcohol, how he found his place within the queer community, and built a network of sober friends. Andy shares his challenges of traveling while sober, and the positive shifts in lifestyle that come with sobriety. You don't want to miss Andy's inspiring story and the valuable insights shared in this episode.

Steve then dives into the correlation between ADHD and addiction with some facts and stats that may surprise you! Do you have an ADHD diagnosis already? Or might you have ADHD and have not been diagnosed yet? If you are in recovery, your chances of this affecting you are higher than you might think!

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Until next time, stay sober friends!

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