Skating, Self Love, ADHD, and Making Music in Sobriety ft. Chad and J9

gAy A: The Queer Sober Hero Show

Mar 21 2024 • 52 mins

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Hey there, Super Soberheroes! Today we have two stories that both touch on unique experiences, but share receiving an ADHD diagnosis in sobriety.

We're joined by Chad C from Vancouver, who shares his 23-year journey through sobriety, competitive figure skating, and the unexpected challenges life throws our way. His story, filled with gratitude for life's gifts including marriage and travel, offers a raw and inspiring look at overcoming obstacles and the importance of supportive networks.

The conversation takes a deeper look at the intersection of recovery and maintaining physical fitness, an often-overlooked aspect of the sober life. Through my own struggles and triumphs, we address the complexities of eating disorders, particularly in the high-pressure world of competitive sports, and how these experiences shape our paths toward healthy living. We also touch on the intricacies of recovery, which demand more than just exercise and nutrition, reminding us that self-compassion and accountability are crucial for sustained sobriety. Moreover, the episode underscores the broader impact of personal recovery on relationships and responsibilities, urging us to stay alert to the dangers of an all-or-nothing approach in our ongoing quest for growth.

Wrapping up, we celebrate the milestones of our guest J9, who shares the latest twists in their life's journey, including a fresh single, Pleasure and Pain, amidst the backdrop of sobriety and an ADHD diagnosis. Unpacking the nuances of emotional regulation and daily management of ADHD, we offer insights and strategies that resonate with many who navigate similar challenges.

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