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Woice with Warikoo Podcast

Apr 4 2024 • 6 mins

Ankur shares key lessons learned from Sahil Bloom, a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and creator, during his visit to Delhi. The episode delves into three major takeaways: the importance of walking the talk, as demonstrated by Sahil's disciplined lifestyle and business success; the power of self-awareness in crafting a fulfilling life; and the strength in vulnerability, highlighted by Sahil's emotional openness during a large gathering. He connects these lessons with broader themes in entrepreneurship, personal development, and the value of listening to others' stories, including a touching account of a conversation with a school teacher struggling with debt.

00:00 Welcome to Woice with Warikoo: A Journey into Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth
00:18 Learning from Sahil Bloom: Discipline, Self-Awareness, and Vulnerability
04:32 Money Matters: Personal Finance Stories from Real Life
05:20 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude