Not Making sense with the Roy's: Sumit and Sujat Roy

Tiny Farm Friends

May 22 2022 • 1 hr 34 mins

Sumit Roy and Sujat Roy are two multi-faceted artistic talents. You cannot put them under a label. Sumit paints, designs, and raps. Sujat is a versatile visual and textile designer. Their art speaks for a generation of urban cultural practitioners who grew up in the face of globalization and corporatization. In this episode, we talk about their creative journeys, their endeavors - Free Speech, and Herock.

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For people who are visually inclined watch the episode on Youtube.

🎤Time Stamps

00:00:00 -  Intro

00:01:50 - Sujat's Story

00:11:58 - Sumit's Story

00:21:25 - Early exposure to Art

00:25:00 - Collecting art and learning from

00:26:15 - Inspiring story of Sudip Roy

00:34:30 - Transition from Wall to Digital

00:36:00 - Free Speech

00:43:55 - Sumit Roy Studio

00:46:45 - Herock

00:50:33 - Changing Art forms and decentralizing it

00:57:00 - Open Source project

00:01:01 - Inspiration of Herock and community building

00:01:07 - Other Inspirations

00:01:19 - Social Media

00:01:29 - Failures, struggles, and dreams ahead

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