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Why Are Creatives Choosing Rural Life? with Karen Rosenkranz
Nov 17 2023
Why Are Creatives Choosing Rural Life? with Karen Rosenkranz
Meet Karen Rosenkranz, the trend forecaster, ethnographer, and author behind 'City Quitters: Creative Pioneers Pursuing Post-Urban Life.' 📚 Join us on a journey as we explore the motivations behind creatives leaving cities for rural pastures. What's life like in the countryside, and what are the unique benefits and challenges? 🌿🏡What You'll Learn:🌱 Discover the cultural shift towards decentralization and autonomy,🌱 Uncover the motivations and thinking patterns behind creatives leaving urban life🌱 What are the means of living in the countryside?🌱 Benefits and challenges of rural life.📚Books mentioned in the videos: City Quitters: An Exploration of Post-Urban Life https://amzn.to/47eYkJt📰 Subscribe to Karen's Newsletter: https://cityquitters.substack.com/ Karen's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cityquitters/  📰 Subscribe to our free weekly Tiny Farm Friends Newsletter: https://www.tinyfarmlab.com/newsletter00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:41 - Background 00:04:06 - Why the future belongs to the countryside? 00:06:07 - Accelerated trend during the pandemic 00:08:05 - What are the benefits of living in the countryside? 00:09:52 - Common trends among the city quitters 00:11:34 - The process of moving to the rural life 00:14:52 - Income streams in the countryside? 00:17:00 - Can you share some of your favorite stories of city quitters 00:20:21 - How does nature or physical work influence creativity? 00:26:15 - Do people get lonely when they move to the countryside? 00:29:52 - What do people who have made the move to the countryside miss most about the city? 00:32:39 - Common fears of making the moving to the countryside