Your True Self

Jaci Rogash

Hosted by Transformation Coach & Mentor, Jaci Rogash, Your True Self is a podcast about real life stories of transformation, navigating life and being able to show up in the world as your unapologetic self. We’ll talk about the ups, the downs, the ugly truths and the magical moments that we all experience, but often feel we can’t share, so we can bring to life the importance of having meaningful conversations and embracing our own journey in this crazy thing we call life. read less

94. Katherine Mackenzie-Smith: Embracing the Introvert
94. Katherine Mackenzie-Smith: Embracing the Introvert
I am so excited to bring you the first guest for 2023. This week I got to sit down with the remarkable Katherine Mackenzie-Smith chatting all things introvert. Katherine is an award-winning business coach, guide, and content strategist for introverts and highly sensitive souls, an ideas alchemist, energy and soul medicine practitioner, and host of the Emerge + Expand podcast. Through her 1:1 mentoring, group programs, and brand new Secret Introvert’s Business membership, Katherine supports gentle leaders to create successful, sustainable businesses through their own innate wisdom and strengths, without feeling like they have to change who they are. And beyond being a business coach, Katherine is an incredible human on a journey to uncover who she truly is, working through and releasing her conditioning and ultimately creating a life where she gets to do it her way in a way that feels good. This is such an incredible conversation, and for anyone who’s exploring their relationship with being introverted, this is one you do not want to miss. Connect with Katherine: Instagram: https://katherinemackenziesmith.comWork with Katherine: Inner Warrior Connection Meditations: with Me: 1:1 Energy Coaching: Connect with me: Instagram: my Facebook Group Website: