Ep234 What Substance When...Part 1 of 3

The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

Jul 3 2023 • 29 mins

Welcome back to the Psychedelic Coach Podcast with your host, Kole Whitty. In this continuation of the episode, Kole delves into the topic of substance usage and provides insights based on her observations and experiences.

She discusses a common sequence she has noticed among high-performing individuals who have gone through intensive schooling, such as medical school or challenging college programs. Many of these individuals have used Adderall during their academic years for studying purposes, and often transition to using substances like cocaine and RAPÈ (tobacco blown up the nose). Kole highlights that this pattern is prevalent among high-performing, type-A personalities who seek harder, faster, and more intense experiences.

Furthermore, Kole encourages open dialogue and asking individuals about the driving factors behind their substance use choices. By listening and understanding the underlying motivations, one can gain insight into their decision-making process. Kole highlights the need for actionable steps and integration plans following psychedelic experiences, as they are essential for personal growth and transformation. Without implementation and follow-through, journeys can become repetitive prayers without leaving space for answers or progress.

Moving on, Kole shares her preferred substances that she considers to be safer in terms of potential medical concerns and adverse reactions. She mentions San Pedro or Wachuma as her favorite due to their overall safety profile. However, she emphasizes the importance of extensive experience and knowledge before working with individuals who have diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, seizures, or other medical complexities. Kole highlights the need for facilitators to have substantial experience and a deep understanding of potential risks to ensure the safety and well-being of participants.

In addition to legal risks associated with substances, Kole addresses an often overlooked topic: facilitator misconduct. She discusses the risks of allegations regarding predatory behavior or inappropriate sexual energy during psychedelic experiences. Kole emphasizes the need for clear boundaries, particularly when working with male-female pairs, to prevent misunderstandings or potential harm. She encourages facilitators to be mindful and not be alone with individuals they don't know well or feel completely comfortable with. Clearly communicating expectations regarding touch and setting appropriate boundaries is essential in maintaining a safe and respectful container.

Join Kole Whitty in this thought-provoking episode as she provides valuable insights and guidance on substance usage, facilitator responsibilities, and maintaining safe and ethical practices within the psychedelic space.