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The Psychedelic Coach Podcast is where science meets mysticism. Whether you are a health professional, life coach, therapist, human optimization expert or someone deeply impacted by the possibilities in the psychedelic space, you may be wondering, well now what? With a profound level of self awareness in your bio systems, you will be guided through their 4In's process. Intake Intention Inspace Integration Integration is not optional but HOW you integrate is. If you're seeking a deeper, long lasting transformation for yourself or your clients knowing HOW to integrate intentionally is key. With tens of thousands of people desperate to find relief from traumatic events many refuse to wait when they have tools at their disposal that can help them live better lives, NOW. You've been introduced to the world of psychedelics and plant medicine - but you're left wondering, “Okay, now what?” You're feeling called to serve in the psychedelic-space but aren't sure how to: ~Integrate It With Your Current Work ~Make Money in This Space ~Approach the Legal Issues ~Protect yourself and other's emotionally, physically while avoiding legal recourse ~Create a solid process for integration in the psychedelic-informed context ~Get out of a feast and famine cycle when it comes to making money ~Prevent a burnout and recession proof business where you can be of service and answer the call. The Psychedelic Coach Podcast Is The Place To Be. From speaking as master coaches at events like Paleo f(x), Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Apeiron Human Optimization Summit, The Emerald Cup Awards, Aubrey Marcus' Fit For Service, to appearances on podcasts like: Rob Dial's Mindset Mentor Brooke Castillo's Life Coach School Luke Storey's The LifeStylist Podcast Alyson Charles Ceremony Circle Psychedelic Medicine Podcast Mormons On Mushrooms Podcast MindLove and more... From Tah's 30 years as a nurse, Kole's 21 years since first speaking on substance abuse education combined with their nearly 25 years in the psychedelic space, you will get perspectives unlike anywhere else on the internet.

Ep157 Being "Light Skinned" and "Black" in the Psychedelic Space
4d ago
Ep157 Being "Light Skinned" and "Black" in the Psychedelic Space
Tah goes a step deeper after the last episode on CODE SWITCHING... Being "Light Skinned" and Black has been a source of a LOT of tension for Tah his entire ife. A huge part of his explorations in psychedelics has supported his explorations of who he is and how he shows up at this current moment of his life in navigating his life's experiences Race dynamics are important when it comes to being Psychedelic Informed. Racism tends to get bypassed a LOT in the transformational psychedelic space. Let's be honest, there are a LOT of White folks leading psychedelic events, psychedelic psychotherapy and psychedelic integration circles. This can be a challenging space for people that are not White. Especially since White folks have less of a chance of facing legal challenges with psychedelics and more opportunity to have access that non-White folks.  Let's get everyone updated on the uncomfortable conversation from a perspective we don't hear very many people speaking about. Knowing how to see this and how to navigate race dynamics and racism it is important. Let's dive in! Listen to this episode and let us know how you feel, what it sounds like, what you see in this and what your thoughts are on it. We'd love to hear your reflections on this one and if you'd like us to expand into any deeper spaces on shame. We WANT to hear from YOU so we can support your life and your practice! ------------------------------------------ You've been introduced to the world of psychedelics and plant medicine - but you're left wondering, “Okay, now what?” Become a Psychedelic-Informed Practitioner Because integration is NOT optional. Download Our 7-Day Integration Guide FREE WWW.FREEGUIDE.VIP