Ep251 Integration: The Bridge From Ancient Technology And AI

The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

Dec 5 2023 • 45 mins

Integration and the Intersection of Ancient Wisdom and Future Technology: A Deep Dive
In this interactive session, Kole delves into the fascinating world of ancient technology and AI, referring to this fusion as 'sacred as plant medicine'. Kole shares personal experiences and 'aha' moments utilizing AI, specifically ChatGPT, and emphasizes its potential when approached thoughtfully. The discussion examines how AI can enhance the overall experience of personal growth, coaching, data retrieval, and more. Further, Kole demonstrates how to integrate human design coaching and AI to provide personalized and intuitive growth strategies for clients. The session then outlines an intake process and emphasizes the need for setting an intention before any particular activity using AI. The episode also explores the fears associated with AI, providing reassurance that AI is a tool, not a replacement, and highlights the importance of embracing this technology for the efficient functioning of society in the future.
00:00 Introduction to the Intersection of Ancient Wisdom and AI
00:58 Understanding AI and Its Role in Our Lives
01:27 Personal Experiences with AI and Its Impact
04:18 The Transformative Encounter with AI
04:54 The Four Ins Process: Intake, Intention, In Space, and Integration
06:19 AI as a Valuable Tool for Data Analysis and Information Retrieval
07:32 Addressing Common Concerns about AI
09:46 Set and Setting: The Importance in AI and Psychedelic Spaces
19:22 Practical Application of AI: Creating an E-book
28:00 AI in Coaching: Client Intake and Agreement
35:36 Creating a Daily Journaling Process with AI
36:20 Understanding Authentic Self Through Signs
36:25 Customizing Approach to Individual Clients
36:41 Quickly Crafting a Plan with ChachiPT
37:08 Creating New Offers and Emails with Chat GPT
37:40 Authentic Connection vs Digital Prompt
38:15 Using AI for Affirmations and Meditations
38:47 The Importance of Learning AI for Coaches
39:03 Avoiding Financial Losses by Articulating Needs
39:52 The Benefits of Becoming a Condor Master Coach
40:11 Building Your Chat GPT to Be You
40:53 Managing Your Physical Health and Writing Letters
41:15 The Future of Condor Master Coach Program
42:08 The Importance of Learning Technology
42:31 The Value of Being a Condor Coach
42:52 Closing Remarks and Transition to Q&A