Ep245: Should I Be Selling My Services Right Now? with Marla Mattenson

The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

Nov 2 2023 • 34 mins

Today's episode is a conversation between Kole Whitty and Marla Mattenson.

Kole is excited to introduce Marla, founder of the Ethical Sales Institute, to her audience. Marla discusses her background in creating connection and intimacy in various roles and explains how this has influenced her unique, relationship-focused approach to sales.

She outlines the Ethical Sales Process, emphasizing the importance of caring more about relationship building than transactions. She also discusses the philosophy behind their sales process, which includes celebrating choice, aligning with trust, and selling the way one serves.

Kole shares her own experiences and challenges with money and sales, emphasizing how one's approach to sales should align with their core principles and coaching style. Towards the end, Marla highlights the urgency for practitioners to fall in love with selling their work to bring it out into the world.


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