Leading to Here with Michael Smith

Leading to Here

Oct 6 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Join us as we talk to Michael Smith, a humble lad from the North East of England who rose to become Chief Commercial Officer of a Silicon Valley medical technology company focused on saving teeth from tooth decay.  Listen as he shares why he wrote to the Home Secretary!

Michael leads the commercial side of Sonendo®, which develops and manufactures the GentleWave® System, an innovative technology platform designed to treat tooth decay by cleaning and disinfecting the microscopic spaces within teeth without the need to remove tooth structure. Michael walks us through his journey and how his dream to join the police soon shifted to the corporate world of healthcare.

In this episode, Michael shares with us the crucial roles his role models and mentors played in his personal development, preparing him for leadership. Michael shares insight and lessons behind his journey and offers many great takeaways for everyone.

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