🟡 #22 - The New Era of Real Estate Brokerage

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Jan 30 2024 • 42 mins

Welcome to another episode of Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi - The PropTech Season 🚀

🎙️ In this episode with Brett Hartley-Wilson, COO of Huspy- a major innovator in the PropTech space - we discuss not just how the startup  makes home buying simpler, but how they make their agents' lives a doddle too.

Headline chats include:
[0:00] 🟡 Intro
[2:45] 🤝 Brett's background at Beiker in China
[6:03] 🧐 What makes a good real estate agent?
[8:43] 💡The benefits of being a VC backed brokerage
[12:22]📲 Huspy's transformative approach to simplifying home finding and financing
[13:55] ✈️ What to expect when relocating to Dubai
[17:35] 🌐 Huspy's global ambitions
[19:48] 🌍 Hustle culture: UAE vs China – who wins?
[21:08] 🌅 Predicting the real estate agent of the future
[27:53] 🚀 Huspy CEO and Co-founder Jad Antoun's vision
[30:45] 💼 How Huspy is recruiting and retaining agents over and above industry standards
[37:17] 🥧 Encouraging teamwork and collaboration in real estate

Join us for an episode so jam-packed full of expert insights and industry trends plus the most interesting outro yet! Perfect for anyone curious about the future shape of brokerage! Hit play for a dose of forward-thinking ideas that are transforming real estate.

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