🟡 #24 - An Interview with Kika Pavese of MD Real Estate

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Feb 13 2024 • 56 mins

Get ready to be inspired by Kika Pavese, MD of MD Real Estate, Founder of Voyage and Abu Dhabi’s two-time winner of the PropertyFinder Women In Leadership award.

🎙️ An episode not to be missed covering everything from 'Girl Power', why Abu Dhabi, career progression and exits (including divorce), plus much, much more 🤩

[0:00] - Intro 🚀
[1:20] - Moving to Abu Dhabi and getting started in Real Estate ✈️
[3:38] - Kika's ambitions and growing up around the globe 🌍
[9:21] - Kika’s rapid rise into leadership 🚀
[10:33] - The differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi 🌆
[15:12] - Classy resignations and how to avoid burning bridges in Real Estate 🎩
[19:16] - Is the grass greener at a Corporate? 🏢
[21:54] - When is the right time to buy? 🕰️
[25:48] - The one TikTok trend we’d like to stop 🛑
[27:00] - Divorcing in the middle east and courage to stay as a single mom of two 💔[28:45] - The industry's navigation through COVID 🦠
[31:10] - Industry leader's collude on WhatsApp 💬
[33:42] - Winning habits of Women in Leadership 🏆
[46:55] - Advantages of being a woman in real estate
[50:06] - Words of wisdom for Real Estate Agents 💛

Join us for this inspiring conversation that not only highlights Kika's remarkable journey and insights into the Abu Dhabi real estate market but also provides valuable lessons on personal and professional growth, leadership, and the power of resilience.

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