Episode 46 - You Don't Win Friends With Salad

Australian Survivor Archives

Jul 1 2021 • 1 hr 43 mins

Salad. Ugh. Who actually likes that stuff? Not Elton Flatley, that's for damn certain. In fact, Elton just wants steak. All the steak. We're sure he likes steak more than he likes smashing stuff. And let's be honest, we know how much he loves doing that. So realistically, in listening to this episode you know damn well what you're about to get right? Basically us discussing how much Elton hates salad and loves steak? Well yes. But there is also the small factor of this episode being a pretty damn significant one. How significant? Well perhaps you need to listen to us talk about it to find out! Get to clicking, and get your steak sizzling. Elton will approve if you do so.

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