Episode 50 - The 7th Wonder Of The Ancient World

Australian Survivor Archives

Jul 29 2021 • 1 hr 42 mins

We have to ask this: is David Oldfield the Australian Survivor contestant with the most nicknames in history? And not nickname that were given to him by him, we're talking nicknames actually given to him by other people? Because once again we are finding out even more things to call a certain 'Lord Mayor of the jungle' as we continue pushing through the second season of Australian Survivor. As we learn more about these epic names, we also learn more about Elton and just why he still loves getting hit on the head and eating island porridge, find out just how 'nasty' Nicolle Dickson can get while still being incredibly nice and also try and find out just how much love David has for himself in the mirror and...uh...during...quiet times. It's enough to get you shouting BREAKFAST and stare in the mirror, so click away and get yourself a new nickname at the same time!