Episode 55 - The Battle Of Vanuatu

Australian Survivor Archives

Sep 16 2021 • 1 hr 38 mins

Do you remember the great Battle of Vanuatu of 2006? You know, that epic battle where two pairs went head to head to find out who would emerge from the jungle as the champion? The battle of happy campers who apparently were more likely to watch 'The Waltons' that actually draw blood? If you're having trouble remembering then it's time to listen to this episode to have your memory refreshed as we go over the penultimate episode of Season 2 of Australian Survivor. We try and work out if this is one of the most pointless episodes in the history of the show, despite it having maybe the most epic reward of all time. We also try and work out why more people don't break bread with the host, and find out if another twist this week is terrible like the last one or actually quite good. What conclusion will we come to? It's time to listen and download to find out. Bring on the battle!

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