Episode 48 - The Master Tactician

Australian Survivor Archives

Jul 15 2021 • 1 hr 44 mins

Just what makes David Oldfield such a good player of Survivor? Is it his ability to seemingly fit in with every single group? His ability to cook up a storm? His ability to have Dicko seemingly rag him at every single moment? His ability to have people give him immunity? Or is it all of the above? This week, you're about to find out all of that and more, as we continue to find out just why Mr Oldfield is perhaps the most underrated Australian Survivor player the show has ever seen. We also find out just why Guy Leech is the best around and why he isn't afraid to stand in the darkness and step into the light, which is weird given he...uh...sorta goes home this week. How does that work? Well, once again you'll have to listen to find out. Don't you worry, it's going to be alright...